Visual inspection on skiing course and terrain using virtual and augmented reality

We represent Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MIPT, department of innovation and high technology) and

Institute of Computing for Physics and Technology (ICPT).

Our team developing full spectrum visualization systems for alpine and XC ski simulators, based on Virtual Reality technology:

- panoramic projection system for SkyTechSport and revolving ski slope (Proleski)

-HMD based (Gear VR, Oculus Rift, Sony VR) for Proski simulator

our laboratory -

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slope visualization -

Slope visualisation

slope drone inspection and 3D-model reconstruction -

Slope drone inspection and 3D-model reconstruction

Key features:

- first stereoscopic visualization system for ski simulator, based on VR technology

- realistic natural environment

- tracking : head, body, gaze (eye direction) with NaturalPoint Optitrack

- based on open source software: Avango NG (VR framework) and OpenSceneGraph (graphical engine)

- precise 3D-model of slope, achieved with drone shooting and photogrammetry (Agisoft PhotoScan)

in progress:

- realtime virtual kinematic 3D-avatar 

- virtual ski instructor 

Presentation from report on ICSS-2016 (7th International Congress on Science and Skiing, St. Christoph am Alberg - Austria, December 10-15)

ICSS-2016 Visual Inspection

ICSS publications:

2016 - Visual inspection on skiing course and terrain using virtual and augmented environment 

2013 - Virtual Environment Systems for a 3D Perception Research of the Ski Course

2010 - A Visual 3d Perception Of The Ski Course And Skiing Results

2007 - Alpine Skiing And Snowboarding Training System Using Induced Virtual Environment

We are looking for partnership to participate contests:

- Austrian-Russian joint research program ( )

- German-Russian cooperative research calls

- Horizon2020